Francesco Caraccio


About this artist:

Born in 1950, in Maruggio, Taranto, Italy, Francesco Caraccio now lives and works in Milan, Italy. Trained as a sculptor and a painter, he graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, Belgium in 1972. Since then, he has lived and exhibited around the world and has won an extensive list of international and national awards. Among the most notable awards are: the prestigious Joan Miro International Prize, Barcelona, 1973, the Lombardi Region National Contest, Milan, 1976, with two sculpture projects for the city’s public buildings and the winner of the painting Oscar David di Michelangelo (David di Michelangelo International Review), Taormina, 1978.
Caraccio is an abstract painter whose work is continuously inspired and confirmed by his love for the human figure, and especially for the face and its multitude of expressions.

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